What can you do in or outside my home or business to reduce your heating and cooling utility billing?

We will explore a variety of things you can do to keep your down. Some you may have heard of before and some may be new ideas that you can implement in your home.  The more tips you utilize, the lower your monthly costs will be.

Thermostats and Settings

Thermostats are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to control costs.  In winter, you can keep the settings a little lower during periods you are out of the house and during the hours you are sleeping. Keeping the setting at the lowest temperature you can comfortably tolerate when you are home is also recommended. Conversely, this same method can be applied in the summer months with the air conditioning. However, instead of lowering thermostat settings, you raise them. So you kick the temperature up a bit when you are out of the house and when sleeping. Just this little measure, can add up to measurable savings. Programmable thermostats are economical and take the hassle out of remembering to change temperatures. You can pre-program the unit and it will do the work for you.

Holes and Leaks

Inspect your house for sources of holes and leaks.

Places to check:

  • holes where pipes or cables exit through an outer wall
  • doors where you can see light around edges
  • around windows
  • duct work that has become separated
  • electrical outlets
  • chimneys

Any leaks should be repaired and holes caulked or covered in some way to eliminate losing heat or a/c that should be staying inside your home.

More tips for the homeowner

Homeowners can cover windows in the winter with plastic to reduce drafts and heat loss through the glass. You can also use the sun to help warm the house by opening window coverings to allow in southern exposure light. You will want to keep those coverings buttoned up during the summer so as not to work against your air conditioner.

Make sure your vent registers are kept clear so you maximize air flow. You can also close off those registers in rooms that you do not use. This will redirect the air to the rooms you are occupying.


Making sure your heating and cooling equipment is functioning properly and efficiently, contact your HVAC professional for a tune-up and check prior to the start of each season.

Action Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help.  Our staff can perform a check of your home and identify any issues that need to be addressed, especially those that will save you money.  If you are in the market for a new heating or cooling units, they can help you make a decision that fits your needs and budget.