Well, Why Set Your Alarm Clock?

Because happiness comes from experiencing things we enjoy. Owning and setting an alarm clock enables us to keep appointments. Appointments vital for happiness. Our job/work. Plane trips. Tee times. Alarm clocks force us to experience accomplishment and happiness.

Your HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) brings you thermal happiness. Easy to take for granted, like background music. Until it stops on the hottest or coldest day. Prevention would have been wise. If we had only set that alarm clock. Or bought that HVAC service program.

Sometimes all it takes is reading a little article like this to “pull the trigger” and take action today for 10,000 stress-free tomorrows. So here are a few excellent reasons why you would buy a quarterly maintenance service program for your HVAC system:

Protect your Investment.

Air conditioning and heating units are not cheap. We think nothing of regular tune-ups and oil changes for our vehicle. We should view our HVAC system the same way. Also, an efficient HVAC system minimizes energy usage, thereby lowering your utility bill. Periodic professional maintenance pays, now and later.

Peace Of Mind.

Some stress in life is unavoidable, out of our control. Melting or freezing in our own home, however, is avoidable. When HVAC malfunctions occur, we always say “Couldn’t happen at a worse time”. Some foresight stops us from saying that too often.

Avoiding A Costly “Pound Of Cure”.

It’s cliche, but repairs are almost always pricier than maintenance by a factor of _____ (insert 2x 3x, etc.) We know we’re going to pay anyhow. Why not receive investment protection and peace of mind ahead of time? A quarterly maintenance program buys those.

Planning For Comfort

Happy people are happy because they plan ahead. End uncertainty and contact us at Action Heating and Air Conditioning 251 272-5900 today to discuss the HVAC system in your home or business. And thank yourself later………..